How Document Composition Software Helps Generate Personalized Customer Communications

Ira Brooker     October 12th, 2022

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Your organization produces a lot of documents, but your customers’ needs don’t always stay the same from week to week. To fulfill the 24×7, always-on, anytime, anywhere demands of the modern consumer, businesses need to invest in digital transformation projects . Your customers require discrete, on-demand products and services, leading to an increase in account management processing, service contracts, policies, statements, and billing activities.

Focusing on customer experience initiatives helps organizations develop meaningful, loyal connections with their customers. These three trends require document composition software to connect providers’ back-end systems with consumers. High-quality document composition tools keep your output compliant and error-free, whatever your industry.

Benefits of Using Document Automation Software 7-8 imgWhat Is Document Composition?

Document composition is a key component of our document automation software,  MHC EngageCX, leveraged by organizations worldwide to communicate with their customers. Design document templates and populate them with dynamic data from one or more sources to render the desired documents. Final documents may then be assembled into packets, and distributed to print, email, a file server or any other channel.

With MHC’s best-in-class visual design tool, business users design and deploy engaging and interactive documents without costly IT involvement. This frees IT from coding documents and forms, thereby reducing costs and development time. Meanwhile, a single, central repository maintains company assets (such as logos and branding) to ensure a consistent experience for the customer.

Once templates are complete, MHC’s document composition software dynamically aggregates and transforms data from one or more sources to begin the process—either on-demand or in pre-scheduled batch runs. Potential data sources include packaged or proprietary business applications, customer portals, databases, and XML files.

Customers or company agents may also leverage an embedded interface to fill out forms and complete individualized correspondence. Final documents are rendered and distributed in a variety of document, email, and/or mobile formats.


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What Are the Key Features of Document Composition Software?

In order to meet your organization’s changing business needs, your document composition platform must be flexible enough to adapt to a range of situations without sacrificing quality control or compliance. A few crucial features any enterprise business should look for in a document composition system include:


Document production is not a static situation. Any document composition solutions worth the investment need to be able to scale to your changing needs, whether that means high-volume generation, smaller orders of complex documents, or anything in between.


When it comes to document composition, vendors and customers expect service with a personal touch. A solution that allows personalized shifts in tone and language across multiple forms of media will always make a better impression than a one-size-fits-all approach.


Enterprise organizations have a lot of moving parts, which often leads to complex workflows that straddle various roles and departments. Automated document composition services that need by giving you the flexibility to define specific participants, roles, and requirements while bringing together internal and external stakeholders to create the most harmonious workflow possible.

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Automating your document production processes allows your team to build personalizable documents from single or multiple sources and easily combine them with other assets, making it simple to build robust contracts, policies, new account packets, welcome packages, and more.

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The Advantages of Using Document Composition Software

Companies across all industries rely on document composition software to boost efficiency and reduce human error. Automation helps to address major pain points while also saving time and money in the process. Let’s look at some of the challenges mentioned above and how they are overcome with document composition software from MHC:


One of the key elements of providing a quality customer experience is personalization. Document composition software is designed to swiftly duplicate and produce individualized documents while providing a seamless customer experience. With omnichannel delivery according to the client’s preferences, they are enabled to access necessary information, anywhere and at any time. This puts them in the driver’s seat of their experience.

Save Time and Money

When employees have immediate access to information, they are more organized and work more efficiently. Working with document composition software eliminates time-consuming manual operations and allows them to concentrate on important tasks. An automated system saves organizations time spent compiling document packages. With batch communications in place, data packages such as welcome packets for new hires, policies, and contracts are available at the touch of a button.


Collaboration is another benefit when using document composition software. Coworkers make changes, updates, and entries on a specific document and send it to colleagues from within the system. This makes it much easier and faster to address issues and move forward with project goals. The document design process should also be a collaborative effort. Bring together both internal and external stakeholders to design, review, and process documents. All necessary team members are present from the brainstorming phase to final assembly and distribution.

Increased Security

Security breaches are a major concern when handling and storing confidential data and information. Customers want peace of mind that their sensitive information is protected. Automated systems offer this peace of mind. Privacy and permission settings are the easiest way to guarantee confidential data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. A document composition system allows system administrators to set permission settings to control what access team members and customers have to specific information.

Regulatory Compliance

It is difficult to stay ahead of recent changes and updates with constantly changing compliance requirements. An automated document composition system provides a central repository of pre-approved assets, language, terms and conditions, etc., guaranteeing your communications are always up-to-date. A flexible review-and-approve process enables the appropriate users to verify both document templates and the final output, if desired. Non-compliance with requirements can result in fines, criminal liability, and even a loss of license. With an automated system in place, organizations rest easy with the knowledge that their documents and communications are compliant.

When it comes to enterprise document composition, your organization’s needs are too complex and variable to rely on manual processes or a mishmash of different software solutions. Automating your document composition and production with MHC removes much of the risk of delays, human error, and strained customer relationships that come with outdated processes. Contact us today for a free demonstration of the many ways MHC solutions can make your document production smoother, faster, and more reliable.


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