6 Customer Communications Examples You Should Know

MHC Marketing      March 28th, 2019  

Customer communication is at the heart of any successful business. The question is, do you know for sure that your company is doing it right? It could be a serious problem if you aren’t sure. Having a few customer communications examples at your disposal could always help.

There are so many ways in which a company can connect with customers and vice versa. CCM (customer communications management) software gives businesses an edge in keeping their customers happy. Find out more about that in these six examples of customer communications.

 1. Listen To Customers

More often than not, customers will be very vocal about the things they want and need from a company. This can range anywhere from wanting information about the services it provides to questions they might have about a bill. If the company isn’t listening, it is most likely providing a very poor customer experience, which might cause it to lose that customer.

For this example, let’s take a look at Maria. She has been a very loyal customer to her insurance company for many years, but she has a problem. She is no longer receiving communications from them in the mail. Instead, she’s only receiving emails, which she doesn’t check all that often. She prefers receiving physical communications, such as bills or invoices, through postal mail.

When she calls the insurance company, how this situation is handled could mean the difference between a great customer experience, or possibly losing a loyal customer. With the right communications management software,  customers will be able to receive communications when and how they want.

Remember, listening to what customers have to say, acknowledging them, not only makes customers feel more respected and more likely to do business with the company, it can serve as a valuable source of feedback to improve the product or company.

2. Make Communications Informative

The most commonly delivered customer communication documents are invoices. Banks, insurance providers, utility companies, retailers, healthcare providers – all of them send invoices to their clients regularly. From the customer’s standpoint, this is an arid experience.

As soon as they open the email or SMS with the bill, they don’t even bother skimming through it, they go straight to the total amount owed and the engagement stops there. But invoices can be so much more than that.

Explore an Interactive Telephone Invoice

This customer communication example focuses on Annie, who just received her telephone bill. She opened the email expecting to see a detailed table and the total amount she has to pay at the bottom. Instead, she saw a summary table, followed by a couple of colorful diagrams and a chart. She noticed that the chart showed a peak in call duration for that month.

Then, she saw the diagram pointing out that 60% of her communications were voice calls. The second diagram showed that 75% of her voice calls were to California. She then realized that she’s been talking to her sister, Lauren, much more than usual for the past few weeks since they’ve joined an online book club together.

Customer communications can be informative, engaging, and attractive. By leveraging interactive documents, arid documents like invoices can be turned into communications that spark customer interest. Companies can deliver complex data in easy-to-read formats that are also visually engaging.

3. Provide a Personal Touch

No customer likes to be treated as though they were just another number in the books. Companies that do treat their customers this way often find them leaving for a different company. Customers want to feel as though companies care about them, which is why having a great customer communications management solution is so important.

In this example, Juan, is having an issue. Juan is interested in receiving communications from his utility company, but he prefers them to be in Spanish, his native language. While the bill he receives in the mail is in Spanish, all the other communications the company sends him via email or SMS/text message are in English.

The right CCM software will enable the company to personalize customer communications. This would ensure that Juan is able to choose the language he wants to receive communications, for some or all documents and across all channels. With a CCM software, customers can create their own journey with the company. By personalizing each correspondence to the individual customer, CX will be tremendously improved.

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4. Customize Customer Offers

Customers want business communication to feel personal. They expect companies to go the extra mile to provide them not with products, but with solutions to their problems. They also expect organizations to anticipate their needs and make business suggestions that are a good fit for them. When customers are engaged with personalized offers, they can become regular customers.

For this customer communication example, let’s take a look at Carey’s engagement with a retail company. She purchased a winter coat and a pair of gloves, which she has rated highly. A couple of weeks later, when the company is getting ready to launch their winter footwear line, they send Carey an email giving her a sneak peek of their top products.

The email features footwear tailored to the coat she has purchased. Carey is excited to see all the attractive options she has to enrich her wardrobe and she decides to purchase a pair of boots. Providing this level of personalization to each customer is possible by using customer journey mapping software that logs each client’s interaction with the company’s platform.

This software provides detailed information about the fluctuation in engagement levels, purchase recurrence rate, as well as the main pain points in the journey, where the client loses interest. Based on this data and paired with personalization solutions, the organization can improve the service it provides to customers by tending to their needs.

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5. Ensure The Flow Of Communication

Customers expect to be given the option to choose how and when companies communicate with them. They want to choose the channel(s) the companies use to send them invoices and other communications, the language for these documents, and the ideal time for sending them. And they expect to receive the same experience across all the channels they use to interact with the company.

Moreover, they want to be able to switch from email to website to app and to call center seamlessly. To properly ensure the continuation of the customer conversation, organizations must provide an omnichannel experience.

For this customer communication example, let’s talk about Max. He received an email from his electric company notifying him that he could get a better price for his current consumption rate by upgrading his service package. He was curious about the offer, so he clicked the link in the email. Before making the change, he wanted to know more about the service upgrade, so he contacted the call center.

As soon as the operator took his call, he saw Max’s details, his history with the company, and the increase in electricity consumption over the past months. The CS representative knew right away that Max got the offer because he now qualifies for a different service package, so he presented the advantages of the upgrade to him. Now Max has a better electricity service and he is a loyal customer.

Omnichannel communication systems enable companies to remain connected to their customers at all times. They can enhance the customer experience by providing high-quality communications on the customers’ chosen channels, but the data from all these channels is synced. The conversation can move from one channel to another (email to call center), but the customer’s profile is always up to date.

6. Let Them Help Themselves

Some customers might want to speak to someone at the company if they have an issue. This could be either over the phone or in person. With call centers, the longer a customer has to wait to speak to someone, the higher the chances of a negative customer experience. Many customers, however, want more options. They are no longer content with having to wait to speak to someone about their problem.

For this final example, meet Rebecca, a millennial who has been a customer for about a year. However, her parents and all of her family members are also customers, hence the reason why Rebecca is a customer. She needs to report an issue and wants to use an app on her phone to do it. By using the app, she’s able to report the issue, but she wants to make sure she did everything correctly. In this instance, she wants to talk to someone at the company, but she prefers to do it via online chat rather than contact customer service over the phone.

With the right customer communications system, the employee chatting with Rebecca can simply pull up her information and see that she did file everything correctly. The chat agent can also add anything Rebecca might have forgotten, then send a copy of their chat to her via email. By giving customers different ways in which to interact with the company, the burden on the call center can be relieved. This leads to shorter wait times and happier customers.

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Gain Insight From Our Customer Communication Examples

Our examples of customer communication showed clients who were satisfied with the service they received. Personalizing the interaction with each customer and offering an omnichannel experience is possible with a state-of-the-art CCM software. Here at MHC, we have developed the smart, modern solution for improving customer communications. Request a demo and try out our platform today!


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