The Incredible Impact of the Customer Experience Management Cloud

  Taylor Pettis    January 12th, 2021   

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While 70% of businesses cited their customer retention strategies as average at best, nearly everyone agrees that it is a priority. This makes sense when you consider that a mere 5% increase in consumer retention can lead to a full 25% increase in profits.

If you are looking to boost your business and increase your ROI, you will need an efficient and user-friendly way to engage with (and therefore retain) your clientele. Customer experience management (CEM) refers to strategies that allow you to ensure that your clients have a well-curated positive experience during every interaction with your professionals.

Like many business operations, CEM is moving to the Cloud (and becoming more effective as a result of this shift). Read on to learn how cloud customer experience management will improve and streamline communications with the client base that matters most.


1. Cloud CEM Meets Evolving Customer Needs 

The technology used in professional applications is changing every day. At the start of 2020, it would have been impossible to predict the current importance of virtual meeting spaces, document sharing, and video calls. Because of this rapid shift, companies must constantly uproot their previous systems to make way for more efficient and effective ones.

Using the Cloud for customer experience management is a great way to make changing with the times a simple, no-frills process. Brands can scale up when the demand for their products increases and scale down when the market slows. This ensures that you will not lose any money as a result of technological shifts and that your ROI remains stellar. Additionally, the expectations of your clientele are changing rapidly.

2. It Provides Easy Access To Documents And Services 

As a business, it’s important that your clients are able to reach you and get information about your services at all times. The Cloud can store and sustain a multitude of documents including contracts, statements, letters, and records of online communications. Clients can log into cloud-based customer experience management platform to find and review these documents to get up-to-date information on the services that they are purchasing.

There are also services that a Cloud CEM provides to ensure that you can curate your customer experience. It offers surveys that both customers and clients can access so that you can assess the satisfaction of your customers in real-time.

3. Cloud CEM Generates Leads

Cloud-based customer experience management software also allows you to find leads based on the locations and cookies of those who access your platform. This will make your marketing efforts much easier and more effective.

You can monitor those who visit the Cloud and what they look into. You also can offer easy access to satisfaction surveys (and offer rewards to those who complete them). When you do this, you can find out who your target audience is and what they expect and want to see.

4. It Embraces Diverse Solutions  

Did you know that 51% of businesses use over 8 different platforms to engage their customers? While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can become costly, inefficient, and difficult to manage. Cloud technologies can integrate all these solutions together and consolidate them into one place on the web.

As a result, people will have a much easier time accessing the documents and services that make their consumer experience better. They will not need to remember multiple login codes and your professionals will not need to be active in 8 different places at once. Instead, you can communicate seamlessly and privately over the secure platform that the Cloud offers.

Centralized data has marketing benefits as well as practical ones. You can see who is accessing the Cloud most often and discover which of your clients need more interaction based on customer journey mapping. You can also determine which of them are interested in what specific services you offer. This will help you to tailor your marketing efforts by emphasizing the most relevant services.

5. It Keeps Your Business Ahead 

Your direct competitors are likely already using some level of Cloud technology in their customer experience management software and reaping the benefits of these systems. Not having access to this type of technology can be detrimental to your brand. You simply need to do so to remain competitive and deliver quality customer service.

Almost every industry also thrives on speed. People in many markets are willing to pay extra for convenience, and therefore they will be willing to pay even higher prices for your products if you have speedy technology. The Cloud is fast to load, easy to access, and organization only takes a few clicks.

People will much prefer the Cloud-based CEM platform to remembering many different passwords to login portals and finding various documents that they have downloaded onto their machine. They will be excited to work with your company and therefore more likely to come back.

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