Automate Document Distribution for a Boost in Customer Experience

Ira Brooker    June 19th, 2024

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What your business says to customers is always important, but sometimes the way you say it can matter just as much. As communication channels expand and customer expectations evolve, keeping up with the latest and most effective methods of distributing business documents becomes a real challenge. When it comes to delivering a consistent, engaging customer experience, automated document distribution solutions are the way of the future.

What is Automated Document Distribution Software?

Efficient document distribution processes are crucial to any organization’s communication strategy, as well as its overall financial success. Electronic document distribution services simplify that process, allowing you to quickly and accurately distribute digital files to the vendors, collaborators, and customers who rely on your business.

A cloud-based document distribution system makes it much easier to create automated workflows that speed up and simplify the ways in which your business orchestrates distributing important documents. Omnichannel digital document distribution allows you to communicate with customers via the channels and devices they prefer, using the tone and language that best connects with them. Automation also makes it simpler to organize and track all of your communications and make data-based adjustments.

How Automated Document Distribution Works

1. Customizable Document Template

Document Assembly Illustration

A library of document templates and reusable content fragments makes it easy for even less tech-savvy business users to customize documents to meet the needs of specific customers and vendors.

2. Automated Document Workflow

Document Template Design Illustration

Data collection and distributed document capture tools like optical character recognition (OCR) allow you to pull data from any source, easily configure workflow processes, and route documents for approval more quickly and accurately than manual business processes.

3. Omnichannel Document Delivery 

Document delivery illustration

Deliver documents to vendors and customers omnichannel. Use email, text messaging, web forms, physical mail, or whichever channel they prefer and maintain consistent messaging and branding across all channels.

Conquer All Document Delivery Channels 

The era of communicating with customers and suppliers via a single channel is long gone. Modern audiences expect to be able to receive documents using whichever channels they choose. They also expect a consistent communication experience when they move between platforms.

For example, an email message should feature the same formatting and functionality when viewed on a mobile phone that it does when viewed on a desktop computer. To provide an optimal customer experience, your organization needs to accommodate channels including:

Direct mail:
Including physical mailings such as paper based invoices and other documents.

Sent via text attachments such as PDFs and Word documents, or links to online forms.

Including attachments such as PDFs and Word documents, or links to online forms.

For faster transmission of physical documents such as paper invoices.

Digital Document Delivery vs Email

One of the first questions many people have about upgrading to automated document distribution is “Can’t we just get by with our email system?” While email is and will remain one of the most important communications tools for business, it can also be overwhelming.

In the era of remote and hybrid work, the average employee receives up to 170 emails per week. That volume makes it too easy for recipients to ignore or overlook your messages, especially if your communications get lost among the 320 billion spam emails being sent every day.

An automated document distribution solution including digital document delivery cuts through the noise by limiting incoming communications to only pre-approved senders. That allows senders to know that their documents are being received and engaged with by the people who need to see them.

It also reduces the volume of communications recipients need to wade through, making important documents stand out and eliminating concerns about phishing scams and security issues.

Make Document Distribution Omnichannel ...

There are more channels and methods of communication available to customers and vendors today than ever before, and your organization needs to be equipped to use all of them. When you distribute documents using an omnichannel approach, you expand the reach and impact of your communications with a consistent customer experience that maintains the continuity of every conversation.

A customer communications management (CCM) software solution allows you to build documents optimized for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and other electronic devices. That provides your audience with the choice to receive communications via the channels that work best for them, without losing functionality or clarity when they navigate between different channels and devices.

A library of customizable templates makes it simple for your business to build personalized documents for omnichannel delivery using a single document template across multiple channels. That helps you engage your customers while keeping your messaging, logos, design, and other branding elements consistent and compliant with regulations no matter how they prefer to access them.

... BUT Deliver Documents How Customers Need Them

Even though an omnichannel strategy allows you to communicate across a wide range of channels, it’s best not to treat it as a one-size-fits-all solution. With technology evolving rapidly and new communications channels emerging all the time, it can be tempting to try to adapt your process to take advantage of each new development. It’s more important, however, to concentrate on communicating with your customers via the channels they actually use and engage with now. 

Paying close attention to data analytics and customer feedback allows your organization to deliver a memorable, omnichannel experience that gives your customers what they actually want, rather than chasing the latest tech trends. 

Some segments of your audience may want to receive documents via SMS messaging, while others may prefer receiving paper documents in the mail. Building automated, channel agnostic communications workflows and document management solutions that align with your customer journey data is the surest way to make your electronic document distribution processes hit home while also respecting your customer preferences.

The Benefits of Using
Automated Document Distribution Software

Investing in an electronic document distribution system is a great start, but providing top-level customer experience requires constant awareness and flexibility. Getting the maximum benefit from your automated CCM system involves staying alert to your customers’ evolving needs and preferences, as well as the options that best suit your business. A few tips for getting the most out of your document distribution strategy include:

1. Build channel-agnostic documents

Even in an omnichannel communication system, your messaging should take precedence over your format. Your document distribution software should build a seamless and consistent customer experience no matter how they access your communications.

2. Pay attention to real-time customer preferences

Your CCM system provides version control and the flexibility to build workflows that match customer preferences in real-time based on customer journey analytics, while also allowing adjustments that reflect your customers’ changing needs and preferences.

3. Make document distribution secure

Data privacy and cybercrime are constant concerns. An automated CCM system enables secure document distribution with cloud-based storage, password protection, and other measures that ensure secure communications and regulatory compliance.

4. Save time and money with precision

Manual communication processes and outdated technology slow down your document distribution while also increasing the risk of costly human errors. CCM automation ensures your documents arrive quickly and correctly, with access controls that make it easy for even non-IT team members to make adjustments.

In a competitive business environment, customers can quickly lose interest in the same old documents and messages. Automating document distribution gives you the flexibility to create personalized, engaging communications that they’ll remember.

Physical communications and paper documents take up a lot of space and resources. Electronic document distribution reduces your environmental footprint, eliminates filing cabinets and other physical storage needs, and provides a secure, centralized location for sensitive information and documents.

Electronic document distribution generates a lot of helpful data that illustrates how your customers truly engage with your communications. Data analytics tools help you tailor your CCM process to give them the experience that serves them best.

Upgrade Your Document Distribution Process with MHC

Upgrading to an automated document distribution system is the surest path to building communications workflows with the level of personalization, flexibility, and security to keep your customers satisfied and engaged. Not only does CCM automation save your business money and time, it also creates more accurate and cost-effective communications and helps to set you apart from the competition.

Want to see the advantages of electronic document distribution firsthand? Contact MHC today to schedule a demonstration of our industry-leading CCM solutions. One of our in-house experts will be in touch to get more information about your specific audience and needs. Then we’ll put together a personalized solution tailor-made to give your business the best customer experience available.


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Ira Brooker

Ira Brooker is a freelance writer and editor based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has been writing blogs and copy about software-as-a-service solutions for most of the past decade. Before exploring accounts payable and workflow solutions with MHC, he wrote about fields including cybersecurity, workforce management, online accessibility, audiology, retail sales, and much more. When he’s not doing business writing, he also indulges in writing fiction, journalism, arts criticism, and bar trivia.


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