6 Benefits of Automated Communications for Business

Ira Brooker    January 10th, 2024

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The technology of business communication has seen massive changes over the past decade, and it won’t be slowing down any time soon. Processes that used to be performed manually or using spreadsheets and other digital tools are increasingly handled using automated tools and software solutions. The shift to automation became even more pronounced over the past several years, as remote work and instant communications have transformed the way businesses communicate with customers and partners.

It isn’t only businesses that are driving the shift to automation, either. Customers not only prefer the benefits of more automated communication options, they have increasingly come to expect them. For example, 75% of customers say they expect a consistent experience across multiple channels of communication, a goal that can only be reliably achieved using automation. For large and mid-market businesses dealing with high volumes of customer communications and transactional documents, the time to invest in more automated solutions is now.

What Are Automated Communications for Business?

In a business setting, automated communications can refer to any messaging or transaction that does not involve human touch points, or at least minimizes those touch points. Software solutions and technological tools take over repetitive tasks, streamline unwieldy processes, and scale easily along with an organization’s needs. For a business that produces a large volume of communications, automation saves a tremendous amount of time while also ensuring that documents are compliant with regulations and data is accurate and complete.

In the recent past, many of these processes were performed manually, using large volumes of paper documents. Unfortunately, all of those manual touch points create a bigger risk of human errors that can be difficult to detect and correct. Not only do paper-based processes create more chance of compliance issues and delayed communications, they are also environmentally unsustainable, take up large amounts of storage space, and can be easily damaged in the event of fires, floods, and other emergencies.

4 Important Examples of Automated Communications

Automated communications can mean many different things, depending on your organization’s size and industry. Some of the most common examples of business communications that can be transformed by automation include:

1. Email

Automatically distribute order confirmations, appointment reminders, invoices, requests for customer feedback, welcome messages, and more.

3. Text Messages

Automatically schedule SMS messages about upcoming appointments, order tracking, marketing offers, customer service follow-ups, and more.

2. Chatbots

Automated chat assistants can answer customer questions, recommend products, provide assistance with orders, and other key customer service functions.

4. Social Media Channels

Automatically schedule posts to key social channels, respond to customer comments and FAQs, display targeted ads, and more.

Using Automated Communications to
Enhance Your Business

One of the biggest appeals of automated communication platforms is the extent of coverage they offer. From document creation to distribution to data analytics, an automated software solution provides full coverage at every stage of the communication process. Let’s break down how automation helps get vital communications in front of your customers.

  • Document assembly software makes it easy to personalize communications to meet specific customer needs. Using data gathered either from a single source or a variety of sources, assembling contracts, policies, new account packets, welcome packages, and other key communications is a breeze.
  • A centralized automated document assembly system also streamlines your creation and distribution processes while eliminating costly human errors and drastically reducing production times.
  • Customizable templates simplify personalization, allowing you to tailor messaging and tone to fit a variety of target audiences. With a library of templates and content fragments, messages can be personalized and adjusted to match a wide range of preferences and requirements.
  • Automation also ensures that logos and brand assets are properly presented, and that your communications maintain compliance with all relevant regulations.

Automated Workflows

  • Simplifying complex workflows can drastically reduce the amount of time spent designing, generating, and distributing each document. A document assembly software system allows your business to easily define roles and workflows for each CCM process.
  • That makes it easier to collaborate on designs with both internal and external stakeholders while also streamlining data collection, reviews and approvals, and other key communication functions.
  • Today’s customers have a wide range of communication options, and automation makes it simple to deliver your messages via the channels they prefer without sacrificing consistency or compliance.
  • Maintain consistent branding and tone whether your customers prefer emails, text messages, live chat, online forms, faxes, or physical documents. Automated solutions allow customers to move seamlessly across channels without losing anything in translation.
  • Knowing how customers interact with your business is the best way to ensure that you’re providing them with the services they need. An automated system collects customer data for fast, accurate analysis that helps you to map accurate customer journeys.
  • Collecting real-time data on customer interactions helps your business identify bottlenecks, slowdowns, and other pain points and also makes it easier to develop solutions for those issues. That’s a boost to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

6 Big Benefits of Using Automated
Communication Systems in Business

Upgrading to an automated communication system comes with a wide array of benefits for any large to mid-market business that deals with high volumes of customer communications or transactional documents. Just a few of the major benefits of automation include:

1. Enhanced Security

Moving business communications to an automated system with cloud-based storage removes the risk of paper documents being physically damaged. That also allows for encryption and cybersecurity measures that protect data privacy and sensitive customer information.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Studies show that more and more customers prefer the guidance and efficiency they get from automated communication systems. Automation ensures that customers receive more accurate information in a timely fashion, with immediate responses to their most common questions.

3. Speed of Production

Manual business communications can be a time-consuming process, especially for high-volume jobs that require personalization. Automating tasks such as data entry, routing for approval, and document distribution allows you to get your message out in a fraction of the time.

5. Enhanced Delivery Options

As the communication channels available to your business keep expanding, automation lets you keep pace with your customers’ preferred delivery methods. Reach each client via email, chat, SMS, or whatever channels they prefer.

4. Fewer Process Errors

Relying on manual processes elevates the risk of avoidable errors in your communication process. Data gets entered incorrectly. Documents are routed to the wrong person. Customers receive the wrong messaging. All of those mistakes cost time and money, and can be mostly eliminated through automation.

6. Scalability with Business Growth

Your business doesn’t stay in one place, and your solutions shouldn’t either. A fully integrated, automated software system makes it easy to scale your communications along with a growing business, ensuring that you have the tools you need to match your current volume.

How MHC Automated Communications Helped Essilor Slash Spending by 65%

When Essilor, a French holding company dealing in the design, manufacture, and customization of eyeglasses, needed an upgrade to its outdated communication system, they turned to MHC for an automated communications solution. After consulting with Essilor, our team of in-house experts helped to come up with an approach that addressed Essilor’s specific communication needs.

The Challenge

Essilor was relying on an obsolete manual printing system that broke down frequently, causing service interruptions, lost work, and damaged vendor relationships. In searching for a new solution, Essilor put a premium on personalization, adaptability, and ongoing vendor support. The latter was a particular focus, as they felt that support from previous vendors had degraded over time.

The Solution

With MHC’s assistance, Essilor was able to improve their straight-through document processing numbers from 10% with its previous solution to 98% in just three months. The flexibility of the MHC platform allowed Essilor to adjust and expand features to scale with their specific business needs. Essilor was also able to reduce print support staff from 14 round-the-clock workers to two part-time roles.

Essilor customer story

Read more about the ways MHC helped Essilor transform its communication processes. 

How to Transition to an Automated
Communications System

One of the biggest hurdles for many businesses considering making the move to an automated communications solution is the daunting idea of transitioning from an existing system to a new process. While it’s true that this will almost always be a significant transition, MHC solutions are built for easy integration with your existing processes.

Combined with full support from our team of experts, that adaptability makes the switch a smooth and minimally disruptive process. Even better, once the transition has been made, you can be confident that your system has been future-proofed to grow and scale along with your changing business needs.

Try MHC’s Automated Communication System Today

It’s time to stop letting outdated and obsolete systems slow down your valuable communications. EngageCX from MHC is an automated communication solution designed to grow and adapt along with the needs of your business and your customers. Get a first-hand look at the ways MHC can provide a more consistent and reliable communications experience. Schedule a free demonstration from our in-house experts today to see our solutions for your specific needs.


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