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Ira Brooker is a freelance writer and editor based in the scenic Midway/Union Park neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Along with business writing for MHC, he keeps an active hand in arts journalism, film criticism, and fiction writing. He also writes, edits, and hosts for the upper Midwest’s leading provider of bar trivia, which may be the job he was born to do. Ira has a cat and a family and is largely hair.

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paperless accounts payable

How to Make Accounts Payable Paperless

As accounts payable departments move to more, the idea of a paperless AP system has become more and more appealing to many organizations. Discover the 10 benefits of making your AP department paperless! (…)

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Automated Invoice Approval Workflows Web Banner

Automated Invoice Approval Workflows

Let’s take a closer look at how an automated invoice approval workflow works, the main steps it includes, and the benefits you reap with automation. Then let’s go through the risks you’re looking at if you stick with manual approval. Find out more! (…)

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