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Elizabeth Allen wanted to be a carnival worker or funeral home director when she was young but is thrilled to be the Content Marketing Manager at MHC. Joining MHC in 2021, she brings with her 18 years of experience in marketing. Her background in creative writing and writing about books lends a distinctive voice when it comes to crafting and honing brand messaging. Elizabeth lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughter, and a tabby cat named Gretchen Wieners, named after the eternal classic film, Mean Girls. 

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Document storage Issues web Banner

5 Simple Solutions to Common Paper Document Storage Problems

It’s daunting just how much paper flows through an organization every year. Add onto that the unique federal or industry regulations regarding the amount of time each paper document must be maintained, and you suddenly have a very large issue. Discover 5 simple solutions to the most common paper document storage problems! (…)

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Accounts Payable Workflow web banner

Create a More Efficient AP Workflow

Find out how important a well-oiled accounts payable workflow is to an organization, regardless of industry. Discover what an AP workflow is and why it matters, and ultimately, what your AP team can do to benefit from a well-structured accounts payable workflow. (…)

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22 Communication Trends for 2022 Banner

22 Communication Trends for 2022 (Updated)

In 2022 there are more tools to facilitate communication than ever before. Here are 22 of the most effective communication trends in 2022 that will really make a difference for your business: (…)

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