Automated Document Factory


What is an automated document factory?

An automated document factory is the architecture and the set of processes that manage high-volume document production and delivery of mission-critical documents, either print or digital.

It applies factory production concepts to the document production process. Basically, raw materials, including data and preparation instructions, enter the factory, where they are transformed into print or digital documents, and prepared for delivery.

As part of document automation, the factory is the control center. It takes the templates you create for your company’s documents and pulls the right customer information for each one. It’s the brain behind the composition, production, and distribution of your documents.


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There’s a better than good chance when you think about all the documents your company generates the thought of a document factory doesn’t immediately register. That being said, when it comes to your company’s document production, it all comes down to that area. In the digital age, document composition has become automated. This not only makes it easier for companies to produce high-volume documents, it also frees up your employees to work on other things. 

The Need For An Automated Document Factory

It’s important to understand just how much your company needs the right software for an automated document factory. With document automation, your company is able to maintain all document templates and assets (including logos, graphics, sub-documents, and more) in a single place to ensure consistent application across all communications. If you don’t have the reliable software, major issues will continue to pop up.

The right software will also allow you to reduce the number of templates as well as the time and cost required to manage them. If you’re concerned about batch or on-demand document generation, an automated document factory can help. Run fully automated, high-volume batch jobs such as monthly statements, invoices, annual reports, and more. Accelerate the creation of one or more documents on-demand such as individual statements, quotes, or certificates as a customer requests them.

Lastly, your automated letter and document generator can help take complex workflows and make them much easier. It’s a snap to automate complex communication processes from initial design to final delivery and beyond. Easily define participants, their roles, and the workflow associated with customer communication management processes. At the same time, the right software will allow you to bring internal and external stakeholders together to efficiently design communications.

Finally, you can rest easier knowing the document factory fully automates and orchestrates data collection and aggregation, redlining, review and approval processes, final assembly, distribution, and post-delivery activities. If you want a first-hand experience with document automation, then request a free demo of our platform and you can experience the difference yourself.  

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