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What is MHC’s Partner Program?

If you’ve spent just a little time or several years with MHC, you know one thing for certain: customer experience is our commitment. We start, end, and spend each day focused on listening to our customers to provide them with what they need in automation. Everyone in our company prioritizes our customers with every interaction and decision, and we diligently seek out team members who can share that commitment.

The MHC Partner Program is an extension of that commitment beyond our company’s boundaries. We realize we aren’t the only business out there that makes customer experience the highest priority. We also understand that collaboration with like-minded organizations can drive better results and outcomes. Hence the MHC Partner Program.

What Does It Mean to Be an MHC Partner?

Organizations that partner with MHC are unique from our customers, vendors, and investors in a few important ways: 

  • MHC Partners help enhance our product offerings in automation and supporting technologies. 
  • MHC Partners help expand our existing market reach and improve our marketplace awareness through coordinated marketing efforts. 
  • MHC Partners help increase their revenue as well as our own through collaboration and innovation.  

Who Can Join the MHC Partner Program? 

When MHC considers an organization to join our Partner Program, we’re on the lookout for a very select set of characteristics and qualities. Organizations are chosen for their commitment to innovation, ingenuity, and customer experience above all. We seek company partners who consistently raise the bar for how technology and automation can improve business processes.  

MHC Partner organizations include resellers, integrators, solution providers, and ERP organizations focused on financial and human resource process automation. Our partners span all industries and focus on a variety of vertical markets ranging from Healthcare to Public Sector. 

At this time, the MHC Partner Program includes two unique categories of organizations: 

Technology Partners

These MHC partners enhance MHC solutions through products, integration, external development, and other advancements. In some cases, MHC products can also augment our partner’s technology solution.  

Revenue Partners

MHC partners in this category leverage their business relationships, access, and ability to influence their end customers to choose MHC as their automation solution provider. 

What are the Benefits of Joining
the MHC Partner Program?

MHC designs our Partner Program to be a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship for participating organizations. This isn’t just about making MHC better; it’s about enhancing your business through our resources and service. 

Join a purpose-driven and elite ecosystem of companies. Rather than focusing on high numbers, MHC chooses partners based on strict criteria with the goal of quality over quantity.  

Receive exceptional and personalized support from MHC’s Partner team. Your experience will feel elite and be customized based on your company’s needs.  

Feel empowered to acquire new customers with the help of MHC’s resources. Through best-in-class training and co-sell motions, your sales teams will be equipped to take customer acquisition to new levels.

How Can I Join the MHC Partner Program? 

MHC is currently accepting requests to join our Partner Program. Once you complete the form, our partner account team will schedule an exploratory discussion with you on how we can partner together.  You’ve been driving innovation alone up until now. With MHC, you’ll have a partner to help you complete the journey and make it more worthwhile along the way.  

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