MHC Recognized as Leader in AP Automation on Summer 2021 G2 Grid

MHC Team    July 16th, 2021 

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Things are really heating up here at MHC!

At MHC, we are so excited to announce that we have been recognized as a leader in Enterprise AP Automation on G2’s Summer 2021 Grid. Along with our position on the 2021 Aspire Leaderboard, it’s become apparent that MHC is a major player when it comes to content and automation solutions.

Why You Should Trust the G2 Grid

What makes G2’s Grid unique over what you get from analyst firms is that the rankings on G2 comes directly from end-users themselves. The positions of each company are determined via verified user reviews of the software and company.

This invaluable feedback from the people who experience the day-to-day headaches caused by broken accounts payable workflows that really demonstrates the true position of each company within the industry- as it’s coming from those who use it every day! G2 holds user trust as its top priority.

Each review must be made using a LinkedIn account or verified business email address. In addition, users are unable to review the products of former employers or their competition. Manual checks are run on every review to ensure the authenticity and validity of each.

What Is G2’s Methodology?

The two axes of the G2 Grid represent user satisfaction and market presence. Satisfaction scores are impacted by elements such as the quality, age, popularity, and overall customer satisfaction of the user reviews.

Market presence is determined using fifteen metrics from those reviews, including number of employees, web presence, and growth. These two attributes combine to place each company in their respective spot on the Grid.

Additional Distinctions Received By MHC in G2’s Summer 2021 Grid

Why is MHC Considered a Leader?

MHC is one of the easiest companies to work with. They are willing to think outside of the box”.

Well planned, intuitive, and accommodating software with a most willing and congenial support staff”.

Simple to use software with the best support on the planet”.

Those are just a few user reviews that can be found on our G2 profile page. Take a look for yourself and hear what end-users are saying about MHC. Our superior customer service and user-friendly platforms are clearly the reason we’ve advanced to the leader quadrant on the G2 Grid for Enterprise AP Automation Software. Our software just works.

Read more about why MHC is considered a leader in Enterprise AP Automation Software.

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