MHC CEO wins Aragon Research Honor for Women in Tech

MHC Marketing    December 3rd, 2021

Since 2017, Aragon Research has honored outstanding women within the technology profession with their Women in Tech award program. It focuses on women who have demonstrated exemplary levels of leadership, innovation, and philanthropy in the tech sector, all while contributing to the growth of the industry as a whole.  This award has grown to be coveted amongst women who work in the technology space, given the long history of women being overlooked as qualified leaders within a male-dominated industry.  MHC has long admired the work Aragon Research has done to acknowledge these deserving women.

With that, we are incredibly proud to announce that Gina Armada, President & CEO of MHC, has been awarded the Aragon Research 2021 Women in Technology Award for CEO. We’re so thrilled that the rest of the world now understands what we’ve known all along – that Gina leads with empathy and strength, with an eye constantly turned to the advancement and evolution of enterprise technology.

The award was presented to Gina by 2020’s WIT CEO award winner, Shelly Heiden with Vbrick Systems, noting her as a veteran in the software automation space who thrives on mentoring other women in the industry. Gina thanked her team, appreciating their continuous dedication “to building and delivering best-in-class software”. She ended her acceptance speech by thanking Aragon Research for recognizing the important of women in tech and reminded the audience “we are all here to support each other on our journeys together.”

We would like to thank the Aragon Research Women in Technology committee for recognizing Gina Armada’s hard work and dedication as she continues to guide MHC into a new era. And we are so excited to help Gina show the world what this kind of thoughtful, forward-thinking leadership can accomplish in the world of technology.

To hear more about Gina’s progressive vision for MHC and the future of process automation, listen to her podcast episode with Aragon Research’s Jim Lundy.

The identification of an Aragon Research award winner is not an endorsement by Aragon Research of any vendor, product, or service. 

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