MHC Awarded Top Honor on 2021 Aspire Leaderboard

Elizabeth Allen     July 9th, 2021

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It turns out your mom was right: Hard work DOES pay off. With our recent acquisitions and our vision for the future of MHC, we have been working hard to advance our position in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) market. Therefore, we felt nothing but immense pride when we learned we had been identified as a global leader in CCM on Aspire’s 2021 Leaderboard. Our MHC EngageCX solution finished #1 globally for mid-sized enterprises and #7 overall in the CCM space.

At heart, we have always considered ourselves a leader. We know our customer care service and automation technology have become invaluable to so many companies in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. But we must say, it is nice to be recognized on the Aspire Leaderboard!

What is a Leaderboard?

Software industry analysts place vendors in a specific industry on a two-dimensional grid. The horizontal axis typically measures the company’s strategy and the vertical, their ability to execute on that strategy. This positions a particular company amongst their competition in a way that shows where they fall amongst these two objectives.

The quadrant names for the left-hand side and lower right-hand sides of the grid typically change from analyst firm to analyst firm, but that upper right-hand quadrant is routinely referred to as “leader”. Although the titles for each square may change,  the spirit remains the same. Being displayed in that leader quadrant is the ultimate goal for most companies.

Why the Leaderboard Matters to You

Landing on the Leaderboard tells a compelling story about a company. You gain distinct insight into the various participating companies and where they rank against industry standards. This knowledge is incredibly helpful when it comes time to make purchasing decisions. It also demonstrates that the industry analysts, the experts in their own rite, believe in the direction and vision of our company.

It teaches you that MHC’s solutions will not only service customers in this space better than the alternatives, but that there is a bright future of advances and innovation to which you will have total access.

Why You Should Trust the Aspire Leaderboard

Aspire has deep domain expertise in the Customer Communication Management (CCM) space. Unique about Aspire’s Leaderboard is its dynamic functionality, allowing you to narrow down criteria and review different results including customer size, customer industry, and customer geography. This gives an essential glimpse into how MHC measures up across various environments.

Where Did MHC Place:

1 trophy

Amongst Mid-Markets

6 trophy

in the Public Sector

Across CCM

6 trophy

in the
United States

4 trophy

Amongst Healthcare Providers

General trophy

In the Leader Quadrant
for Communication Composition Specialized Grid

General trophy

In the Leader Quadrant
for Business Automation
Specialized Grid

General trophy

In the Leader Quadrant
for Omnichannel Orchestration Specialized Grid

Why Is MHC Considered a Leader?

We believe there are a lot of reasons for this particular milestone. Ecrion’s performance in 2020 got us most of the way there, edging right toward the leader threshold.  However, it was the combination of Ecrion’s historical performance in addition to MHC’s vision, current capabilities, and Next-Gen platform (to be released September 2021) that pushed the newly-formed MHC family over the finish line. Our continued commitment to invest in our technology and talent shows in our product and customer care support and positions us as a leader in the CCM space.

Where Do We Go from Here?

video with Kaspar Roos, founder and CEO of Aspire

Our motto? Acceleration. At MHC, we are always looking to accelerate our offerings, our technology, and our level of customer care. Landing on the Aspire Leaderboard has only motivated us to push harder into the CCM space and become the leading provider of automation software.

Watch Kaspar Roos, founder and CEO of Aspire, discuss MHC’s Leaderboard position

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