MHC Introduces Cloud-Native Enterprise Workflow and Content Automation Platform

MHC Marketing    September 14th, 2021 

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In the landscape of modern business, it’s a tale as old as time: A seemingly endless sea of enterprise automation solutions that all promise to be the panacea for your business process woes—yet you have to adapt your processes to your software, the opposite of how it should be. A one-size-fits-all approach that never seems to adequately serve an organization’s goals. Plus with so many similar and overlapping features, it can be overwhelming to zero in on a solution that actually meets your current needs along with those you have yet to imagine. In short, it’s Platformageddon and you’re on the verge of decision paralysis.

In response to this Platformageddon, we are proud to present MHC NorthStar.

MHC NorthStar is the comprehensive, cloud-native, enterprise workflow and content automation platform you’ve been waiting for. Unlike most other SaaS models, one predictable, value-based platform price ensures you won’t be surprised by future charges for each user as your organization grows. 

Proud to present MHC NorthStar

With MHC NorthStar, you have one designated platform where you can:

Automate and perfect your critical end-to-end processes that involve documents and communications core to your operations

Own the processes, through the simplicity of self-service and no-code configurability

Gain visibility to your current processes and plan for the future with action-oriented insights

Create competitive advantage through the capture and creation of dynamic, high-impact documents and communications to delight audiences of all types

Manage the capture and creation of dynamic, high-impact documents and communications, regardless of the audience

And that’s just the start. MHC NorthStar also enables you to conduct intelligent search to find the information you need, leverage analytics and AI-powered functionality to extract insights about your operations, and integrate seamlessly with your enterprise systems like ERPs, CRMs, and others via robust APIs to reduce dependencies on IT personnel.

How can one platform offer this range of automation and capabilities? It comes down to flexible configurations.

The results are compelling.

Better communication

Increased visibility and transparency

Faster decision-making

Reduced errors and better accuracy

Cost savings

But perhaps one of the most valuable benefits MHC NorthStar offers is the ability to scale with your growth.

Use MHC NorthStar’s Agility to Unlock Growth

With the freedom to create truly flexible workflows that our powerful no-code functionality affords, you’ll be able to refine, retool, or even craft completely new workflows—no matter how idiosyncratic—as your business needs shift over time. In essence, you can future-proof your workflows.

Trouble maintaining control over your internal spend approval processes? Maybe your organization has also seen a large shift in your employee base. With so many new team members in the mix, it can be difficult to integrate them into workflows designed to manage your spend, such as invoice approval processing. MHC NorthStar’s easy-to-use interface ensures that creating new approvers and automated approval rules is simple. As a result, you and your colleagues can focus on achieving big-picture goals and a competitive advantage in your market.

Get MHC NorthStar Today

Want to learn more about how MHC NorthStar can help you tame the document chaos and take control of your processes? 

Introducing MHC NorthStar Whitepaper Cover and Pages


Get to Know MHC!

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From document capture and content creation to employee self-service and other critical use cases across the enterprise, you can combine and configure MHC’s automation solutions to empower teams to meet goals today – and for the long game.

Download our guide and find out how MHC Automation can help you improve service, manage compliance, and drive ROI.


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